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The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) helps the police cut crime and keep the public safe by joining up the operational response to the most serious and strategic threats. Focussing on operational delivery and developing national approaches on issues such as finance, technology and human resources, we work closely with the College of Policing, which is responsible for developing professional standards.

Latest News

Survey shows that more victims of sexual offences have confidence to report to police

The Crime Survey of England and Wales released today by the Office of National Statistics shows that reporting of sexual offences has increased by 32 per cent in the last year

Business begins at the National Police Chiefs’ Council

The new body to coordinate operational policing and collaboration amongst forces at the national level is established today.

Responsibility for dissuading young people from getting involved in extremist activity has to lie with parents

The Home Affairs Committee has released a report today stating that communication between the police, schools and parents is in need of vast improvement if we are to stop young people from travelling to conflict zones.