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The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) helps the police cut crime and keep the public safe by joining up the operational response to the most serious and strategic threats. Focusing on operational delivery and developing national approaches on issues such as finance, technology and human resources, we work closely with the College of Policing, which is responsible for developing professional standards.

Latest News

NPCC positions on joint police procurement and force mergers

Today (August 4), Sky News ran an item on police procurement and a debate on police force mergers in England and Wales. National Police Chiefs' Council Chair Chief Constable Sara Thornton has outlined our position on these issues.

Police Chiefs' Blog: Sara Thornton, Chief Constables Council July 2015

Chief Constables' Council (CCC) is the main decision making forum of the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC). It allows chiefs to regularly come together, discuss and debate the issues facing policing and make decisions about how they will operate to meet the demands of the day.  This blog aims to open up CCC to those interested in our work and policing in general. 

Anti-Drink and Drug Driving message starting to get through to under-25s

National figures, published today (July 30), showed that, although levels of drink-driving have risen slightly in the last year, the traditionally higher-offending under-25 year old demographic has started to learn the lesson, with offending rates down marginally by 1.5%