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About the NPCC

At the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) we help police cut crime and keep the public safe by joining up the operational response to the most serious and strategic threats. We bring together 43 operationally independent and locally accountable chief constables and their chief officer teams to coordinate national operational policing. We work closely with the College of Policing, which is responsible for developing professional standards, to develop national approaches on issues such as finance, technology and human resources.

Our key functions

The body has the following functions:

  • Co-ordination of national operations including defining, monitoring and testing force contributions to the Strategic Policing Requirement working with the National Crime Agency where appropriate;
  • Command of counter-terrorism operations and delivery of counter-terrorist policing through the national network as set out in the S22A agreement;
  • Co-ordination of the national police response to national emergencies and the mobilisation of resources across force borders and internationally;
  • National operational implementation of standards and policy as set by the College of Policing and Government;
  • Working with the College, development of joint national approaches on criminal justice, value for money, service transformation, information management, performance management and technology;
  • Working with the College (where appropriate), development of joint national approaches to staff and human resource issues (including misconduct and discipline) in line with chief constables’ responsibilities as employers.