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The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) helps the police cut crime and keep the public safe by joining up the operational response to the most serious and strategic threats. Focusing on operational delivery and developing national approaches on issues such as finance, technology and human resources, we work closely with the College of Policing, which is responsible for developing professional standards.

Latest News

We've taken action to prevent mistakes in retaining suspects' biometrics records

The biometrics of a small number of individuals who potentially pose a threat to national security have been deleted from biometric databases as the retention period expired before a National Security Determination (NSD) could be submitted for approval.

New legislation to prevent harm caused by psychoactive substances

The psychoactive substances act, implemented today,  will provide a blanket ban on the production, supply and importation of new psychoactive substances. This legislation will fundamentally change the way forces tackle psychoactive substances and will make new drugs that appear on the market illegal quicker than ever before.

Cmdr Simon Bray Blog: Legal highs? Not as legal as you thought - 26 May 2016

So called “legal-highs” might have been sold in shops but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Often they contain one or more substance that is illegal to possess and users really have no idea what they are taking or what effect it will have.  The future health risks associated with psychoactive substances are unknown and in some cases people have died from taking these drugs.