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Governance and leadership

UK counter terrorism investigations and prevention activities are coordinated by the Senior National Coordinator (SNC), who is usually a deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, currently Neil Basu. Coordinating protective security operations is Deputy Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations (DACSO), currently Lucy D’Orsi.

Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations (ACSO) of the Metropolitan Police Service is the national policing lead for counter terrorism. ACSO is chair of the NPCC Counter Terrorism Coordination Committee (CTCC), a body made of chief officers of the nine regional lead counter terrorism police forces and other thematic leads.

Counter Terrorism Policing is accountable to the CTCC, whose members also include senior representatives of government departments and other agencies including the Security Service.

The committee leads for the police service on CT and related issues, developing, devising and driving national counter terrorism strategic policy through the NCTPHQ. The committee liaises with government and other partners on behalf of the police service.

Unlike many other coordination committees, the CTCC includes a small number of chief police officers dedicated full-time to the business area. These officers provide strategic direction and co-ordination relating to particular policing themes.

The current Chair of the CTCC is Neil Basu Assistant Commissioner of the MPS; Vice Chair is David Thompson, Chief Constable, West Midlands Police.