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Reform and Transformation
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Our work

The NPCC brings police forces in the UK together to help policing coordinate operations, reform, improve and provide value for money.

Reform and Transformation

The NPCC is working with police leaders to agree and make changes that will transform policing.

Policing Vision 2025
Police Reform and Transformation Board
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Specialist Capabilities
Digital Policing
Local Policing
Business Enablers

Coordination Committees

There are eleven broad coordination committees, each led by a chief constable, covering issues such as crime operations, finance and criminal justice. Underneath these broad categories chief officers take the lead on specific issues. For example, under the Crime Operations Committee there are individual leads for domestic abuse, rape, drugs and cyber-crime.

Crime operations
Criminal Justice
Equality, diversity and human rights
Digital, Data and Technology (DDAT)
Local policing
Performance management

Chief Constables Council

Chief Constables' Council is the senior operational decision-making body for the National Police Chiefs' Council.


The NPCC is involved in additional pieces of work such as coordinating national police operations, public inquiries and providing information on national policing.

Operation Hydrant
Taser Question and Answers
Investigatory Powers Bill
What to do in a firearms and weapons attack
NPCC Delivery Plan