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The Policing Vision 2025 sets the goal of delivering police business functions in a more consistent manner to both deliver efficiency and enhance inter-operability across the police service. It aims to do that through:
  • Working with the Police IT Company to prioritise investment in developing common data standards and encouraging national approaches to technology investment.
  • Exploring wider opportunities of working with partner agencies on issues such as management of offender rehabilitation or improving cohesion and delivery across the criminal justice system
  • Realising economies of scale through consolidation of business support functions into cross-force units, working to common standards
  • Enabling greater joint working between local authorities, emergency services and local police forces, including formal integration of back office functions
  • Delivering savings by undertaking more shared procurement.

The Home Secretary has approved several programmes that are supported through the Police Transformation Fund that are delivering this Vision, including the Commercial Collaboration Programme and the National Enabling Programmes.

Commercial Collaboration Programme

is overseen by the National Commercial Board. It has five workstreams:

Collaborative procurement - supporting the development and implementation of strategies for delivering savings across a range of areas such as ICT, construction, HR, Professional services, Fleet and Logistics and Utilities.

Shared services - improving costs per transaction and assessing force delivery models.

Enablement - providing improved management information and costing data in order to identify best practice and allow for standardisation.

Commercial models - improving commercial capability, developing regional collaboration models, developing a commercial profession and exploring opportunities for income generation.

Estates - sharing estates, space utilisation, as well as rationalisation or asset sales.

The National Enabling Programmes (NEP)

underpin the delivery of several outcomes of the Policing Vision 2025. The NEP will provide a modern technology environment that is fundamental to transforming ways of working across policing in the UK.

The three inter-related programmes are:

Productivity Services

Implementing the latest cloud based productivity tools will increase effectiveness and improve service delivery by enhancing communications and facilitating interaction with other forces, partner organisations and the public. Effective sharing of information will improve the management of police information and enable officers to dedicate more time to their local communities while engaging with partners. Officers and staff will be able to access and work on documents across multiple devices, hold meetings remotely, and share information quickly and easily.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM will enable the right individuals to access the appropriate local, regional and national resources securely from multiple devices and locations, without compromising security. This will enable flexible working with a seamless login every time a user accesses a different connected system, eliminating the need for multiple logins and for users to remember and input multiple usernames and passwords with single sign-on (SSO).

National Management Centre

A national management centre will secure infrastructure and assets, monitor participating police forces and help mitigate information security risks. It will provide centralised security monitoring and response co-ordination, so forces are forewarned and able to identify the possibility of cyber-attack, insider threat and data-loss. As a centre of excellence for cyber security in law enforcement, the Centre will ensure national standards of cyber-hygiene are adopted and maintained across the UK police service.

Delivering these technologies on a national basis will provide greater economies of scale, common standards and consistency in the way that police forces use technology to facilitate the rapid realisation of both operational and financial benefits through new ways of working.

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The National Commercial Board and the National Enabling Programme Board oversee delivery of these programmes. The Business Enablers Sub-Board reports to the Police Reform and Transformation Board and reviews progress on delivery of these and other force-led projects that are realising the ambitions of the Policing Vision 2025.