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The Digital Policing Portfolio comprises of three programmes detailed below.

Digital Public Contact (DPC) – will provide a simple, well known and reliable digital contact service between the public and the police which ensures that the public are informed and digitally enabled, including:

  • Helping to improve the police response and quality of victim support through online reporting and tracking
  • Enabling the public to undertake financial transactions online such as firearms licensing or penalty fines

Digital Intelligence and Investigation (DII) – enabling policing to protect the public through preventing and detecting crime in a society that is becoming increasingly digital including:

  • Improving the knowledge and skills of frontline officers and staff to address digital crime
  • Ensuring that forces have the specialist capability to respond to cyber-crime
  • Building and maintaining capabilities in the fast moving digital environment

Digital First (DF) – facilitating better working and information sharing between policing and our criminal justice partners including:

  • Providing the ability for all case file information and evidence relevant to a criminal prosecution (including multimedia) to be digitally captured, stored and secured once in a chain of evidential integrity
  • Offering accessibility, on demand, to all criminal justice partners