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Local Policing

Outlined in the Policing Vision 2025 , the local policing reform strand aims to proactively prevent crime to protect vulnerable citizens and communities from harm.




Reforms to local policing will provide the public with policing services that are aligned and better integrated with other local public services.

By its very nature, the provision of local policing is specific to the needs of communities and citizens in a geographic location.


Currently, the Police Transformation Fund is supporting several innovative multi-agency projects to protect the public in neighbourhoods across the country, that are:
  • Building new multi-agency teams in Lincolnshire, Wales, Durham and Derbyshire involving police and social, health, education and community services to address the causes of crime and anti-social behaviour and respond to victims of domestic abuse
  • Examining sources of demand for local policing services, and putting in place the necessary infrastructure, practice and methodologies to enable forces to better deploy resources to prevent crime effectively
  • Supporting vulnerable children who have been victims of abuse through the provision of multi-agency medical and psychological support services
  • Testing models to reduce stalking recidivism to improve service provision to victims of stalking and lower rates of re-offending

Our Vision for local policing will give communities a more responsive policing service that is equipped to deter, detect and prevent crime more effectively.


The local policing sub-board reports to the Police Reform and Transformation Board and is chaired by Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, Dame Vera Baird, QC. The sub-board oversees and supports the realisation of the outcomes for the local policing reform strand in the Policing Vision 2025.