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International Crime Coordination Centre

Welcome to the International Crime Coordination Centre (ICCC).

“I am enormously proud to lead the ICCC, which is a newly established unit, dedicated to supporting UK Law Enforcement tackling international criminality. Policing is going through a period of unprecedented change which creates numerous challenges and opportunities for us. Our mission is to provide national guidance and support to UK Law Enforcement through our team of dedicated experts in International Policing to mitigate any negative impacts and maximise opportunity. If you have any questions regarding international policing, then we are here to help.”

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Brexit, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Martin

The ICCC was established to provide continuity for UK Law Enforcement following our withdrawal from the European Union. The function provides a range of advice, support and guidance on policing measures and tools available to tackle all forms of international criminality. We work closely with Government and other operational partners to identify and ensure a range of contingency measures are in place when the United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union.

We will provide clarity to police officers and staff across the UK, assisted by our team of regional experts who will not only be able to respond to questions and issues that arise from our current needs but also be able to adapt to any future changes driven by the ever-changing international and domestic operational landscape.

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What we do

The ICCC is part of a wider framework which adopts a 3 tiered approach to preparing UK Law Enforcement for change as the UK leaves the EU and embedding understanding as to how to deal with the threat posed by international criminality. The framework comprises of the ICCC, a central unit based in Westminster, a network of Regional SPOCs embedded across the UK police constabularies, and a cadre of International tactical advisors (ITAC) to efficiently embed knowledge and understanding in forces.

Central unit

ICCC teams are split into five desks; each is staffed with experts from across law enforcement and is supported by the Regional SPOC Network.

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Our teams are more than willing to provide advice and guidance to you on any international policing matter.

Future relationship with the EU

A changing relationship with the EU will require a different approach from UK Law Enforcement. ICCC will

  • Advise UK Police forces on the mechanisms and fall back positions to replace EU tools post-Brexit
  • Provide expertise and specialist advice in relation to foreign national offending to key internal and external stakeholders as well as Senior Leaders
  • Establish national policy decisions to determine what information must go on policing indices; and provide support when a UK police force is unsure what path to take or if a circulation needs to be made
  • Monitor how UK police forces have adapted to the change of losing EU tools
  • Raise issues with stakeholders and ensure that training gaps are plugged
  • Ensure forces are using tools when required
  • Work with stakeholders, such as the Home Office, National Crime Agency (NCA), Crown Prosecution Service, ACRO Criminal Records Office and all other operational partners to remove blocks and streamline processes.

Operational support

To International Crime Co-ordination Centre provides a 24 hour on call advice service for police officers nationally and their contact details are available on local force intranet systems.