National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit
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National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit

In January 2011 the Chief Constables' Council, the senior decision-making body for the now replaced Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), ratified the decision for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to become the lead force for the National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit (NDEDIU).

The NDEDIU remains a national policing unit, under lead force governance arrangements and sits under the Specialist Operations business group of the MPS.

It was created following a merger of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), the National Domestic Extremism Team (NDET) and the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU).

The NDEU supports all police forces to help reduce the criminal threat from domestic extremism across the UK. It works to promote a single and co-ordinated police response by providing tactical advice to the police service alongside information and guidance to industry and government.

One of the key responsibilities of the NDEDIU is to provide intelligence on domestic extremism and strategic public order issues in the UK. Police will always engage to facilitate peaceful protest, prevent disorder and minimise disruption to local communities. Where individuals cross over into criminality and violence, the police will act swiftly and decisively to uphold the law.